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Clean and fast results through machine cleaning and manual quality control.

We pick up your empties
At the entrance we carefully check the quality of the goods. Our well organized in-house logistics ensure professional storage thoughout the process. Commissioning and preparation for shipping and transport are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, aligned with modern lean management concepts.

We thoroughly clean in a double track system
Our comprehensive service depot network takes care of ceaning your containers. In our double track systems we clean several types of containers simultaniously. The boxes dry in a special blow-out zone, followed by a manual quality check. Waste and residues are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

We store your containers and deliver on time
Your containers will be returned to you exactly when you need them. We take care of the punctual delivery, using our in-house logistics or coordinating external transport service providers. Your needs are our priority: choose between our first in-first out procedure or delivery by order. Tracing your delivery while it is being shipped, we make every effort to ensure that your empties arrive safely and on time. Moreover, our seamless service will not interfere with your processes – your production simply continues.


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When cleaning the containers, we pay special attention to the correct degree of drying and work according to the industrial standards for residual moisture. To ensure optimum quality, we measure the residual soiling particles according to ISO 16232. All our services revolve around your perfect product - and clean packaging is important for a spotless final product.

SKK Verpackungen